Chi Alpha Mu

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2019-20 Chi Alpha Mu

Chi Alpha Mu is a National Junior Mathematics Club based on Mu Alpha Theta in high school. Chi Alpha Mu provides a method for schools to recognize and encourage students who enjoy and excel in mathematics.
Open to 7th & 8th Grade Students

Rules and Regulations: Members are admitted only if they meet the required GPA of 92.5. New members are admitted after the first 9 weeks.

In order for a student to remain an active member of Chi Alpha Mu, one must:

Maintain A’s and B’s on their report card in math.

Maintain exemplary behavior.

Complete two service projects (one per semester).

Show a sponsor their report card, after each grading period, by designated deadline.

Probation may be necessary if a student has a math grade of a C on their report card.  If this is the case, they will receive a letter letting them know. If a student is on probation, they will be exempt from all Chi Alpha Mu activities until the next report card is given out and a sponsor sees that their math grade has been brought up from a C.

Immediate dismissal from the Chi Alpha Mu club will be given if:

The math grade on the member’s report card is a D or F.

There is more than one C on the member’s report card in math.

ISS or OSS is issued to the member by administration.

Multiple referrals from teachers about classroom behavior.